Thursday, January 13, 2011

LINKIN PARK – Guess waiting for the end only led them to burning skies

Since their latest record A Thousands Suns came out, this album has been selling like hot bread, why? Simply because it’s an IN-CRE-DI-BLE record (one of their best we would dare to say). We love the fact that Linkin Park is trying to create a conscience in their fans about the damage that we are doing to the Earth, since Minutes To Midnight they started with this thoughts and have done a really good job projecting them into their songs (and videos!).

Their latest single was Waiting For The End (we already talked about Linkin Park’s second single from A Thousands Suns, remember?) and now we’re waiting for their third one, they haven’t confirmed yet, but… there’s a rumor that this single could be Burning Skies (a great song, but not exactly our choice, we love When They Come From Me, but since it’s not so commercial we don’t think that would be a great hit so…).

If you haven’t heard Burning Skies, here it is for you! Let's hope they do release this one because we sense it could have huge success! 

Burning Skies – Linkin Park

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